Being one of the most dangerous passages in Vietnam, Hai Van always brings a charm and appeal, especially to those who love to explore and experience. If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang city, tourists certainly do not forget to travel Hai Van Pass Da Nang – the most heroic place to conquer a famous natural beauty, to enjoy mountain scenery , sea sky, white clouds and to try through the most unforgettable emotions.

About the Hai Van pass – “the most beautiful people”

Lang Co beach

Lang Co beach

Hai Van is one of the most famous pass road in Vietnam about the beauty and its hardship. Not only that, Hai Van Pass also celebrated around the world when it entered the “Top 10 most beautiful street in the world” by the Guardian (England) voted. And now, Hai Van Pass also becomes one of the beautiful tourist spots in Danang.

Hai Van Pass is about 20km long, 500m above sea level, part of the Annamite range that runs along the sea. Pass is located at the boundary between Da Nang city and Thua Thien Hue province. The origin of the name Hai Van is probably because when standing from the top of the mountain can admire the vast ocean and the white clouds hovering.

In addition, Hai Van Pass is also called Ngoi Van pass by the pass has a door. On the title of “Travel Hai Van Pass Da Nang To Hue Private Car – the most benevolent Thien Quan” according to some documents, this title was given King Le Thanh Tong King once to have the opportunity to stop here in 1470.

Back to the history of Hai Van pass, perhaps should start from the Tran Dynasty. In the 14th century, Hai Van Pass was considered the boundary between Dai Viet and Champa. In the time of the Ho Dynasty, in order to reconcile, Champa cut off the land of Champa and Co Luy (including Hai Van pass) to Dai Ngu. Since then Hai Van pass officially belongs to our territory. In the reign of King Minh Mang, the king ordered the construction of stone steps at the Hai Van Pass for the purpose of traveling, and at the same time added a gate to protect the pass.

You can visit the nebula pass: Danang To Hai Van Pass

Travel Hai Van Pass Da Nang – The World’s Most Hung Quan
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